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Krista Welder, President and Founder of K Kids, got her first dachshund in 1994. The rescue is named for her first two K Kids, Kassie and Kody; and her current dachshunds, Karly and Katy.  Krista has managed many fosters and has sent many, many dachshunds to their forever homes. She is relentless in her pursuit of whatever is good for her dachshunds or anybody else’s. She is an extremely early riser and is always “high energy,” to put it mildly.  She sports more hair colors than dachshunds have color, coat, and pattern combinations.  Krista and her husband Paul enjoy living with their miniature wire haired dachshunds in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  You can read more about Krista’s dachshund education and extensive rescue experience in our blog.  

Amanda Urban, Vice President of K Kids, is described aptly by her husband George as a “veteran canine advocate.” Amanda has evaluated and pulled dogs from shelters, facilitated transports, conducted home visits, recruited foster families, coordinated complex veterinary care, and placed dogs in forever homes. She and her husband have personally fostered more than 50 dogs with two “foster failures” joining them fulltime. Amanda is our resident expert on how to teach existing dogs, foster dogs and children to all live together in harmony.  Don't be surprised to hear from Amanda asking you to foster for K Kids; she can be quite compelling.

Hillary Cook,  DVM, CVA, CCRP, CVMMP and Board Member, is our veterinary specialist.  She owns Animal Wellness Center, an integrative practice combining the best of traditional veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry with holistic options including acupuncture, chiropractic care, rehabilitation therapy and therapeutic laser therapy.  Dr. Cook also has a special interest in Chinese and Western herbal therapies.  She is dedicated to improving the life quality of her geriatric and terminal patients.  Hillary has been instrumental in helping many dachshunds walk who otherwise would have been paralyzed or euthanized.  She lives in Crozet with her husband Rees and two children, Hailey and Pearl; three dogs, Alice, Louie and Josie; two cats, Blossom and Monster, and eight pet chickens.

Linda Allard, Treasurer, is the creative and strategic thinker on the K Kids team. Linda has been involved in transporting and fostering rescue dogs for years and when she’s not doing that, she’s creating matching costumes for herself, her partner Andrew, and her dogs, Molly and Ozzie.

Andrew Clarke, IT Magician, fell in love with dachshunds after falling for Linda and her menagerie. It’s a good thing for us that he did – Andrew keeps our website, blog, smartphones, computers and occasionally our plumbing in good working order. He also runs transports and races – usually wearing whatever costume Linda has designed.

Jenny Kanieski, Social Media Director, gets up even earlier than Krista.  She is the station manager at WCUB/WLTU Radio in her hometown of Manitowoc, Wisconsin and she’s also a fitness instructor. Jenny is also a dachshund rescue legend, having adopted not one but TWO blind dachshunds.

Tara Courtland, Ghostwriter, doesn’t have a dachshund but she has a poodle and a cat and a goldfish and a few houseplants. Tara does much of our writing and editing for the website and her favorite new skill, which we taught her, is being able to spell “dachshund” correctly on the first try.

Morgan Salmon, Grant Strategist for the K Kids team, has loved dachshunds since she was sixteen and saw a dachshund puppy chasing a ball on the beach. Morgan has been involved with transporting and fostering rescue dachshunds and dachshund mixes for several years for K Kids and other dachshund rescues. She currently writes grants to help raise funds for the K Kids team. She and her husband have fostered more than 20 dachshunds for several dachshund rescues and they currently have two rescued dachshunds, Sophie and Loki, and a rescued doxel named Jax. When she isn’t writing or fostering, she workers as a researcher at the University of Virginia.

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